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About Me


Name: Nana
Nickname(s): Nanie, Nan
Age: 16
Birthday: december 2nd
Orientation: straight


Favorite Color(s): black
Least Favorite Color: orange

Favorite Food: pizza
Least Favorite Food: so many
Favorite Band/Artist: one direction
Least Favorite Band/Artist: so many
Favorite Type of Movie: horror
Least Favorite Type of Movie: cabaret
Things you can’t get enough of: my boyf
One thing you hate more than anything: rain


Are you single? no
Do you have a crush on anyone right now? yes
Do you flirt a lot? idk?
Sweetest thing you’ve ever gotten: my boyf
Do you believe in love at first sight? yes
Do you fall in love fast? no
Do you ever make the first move? yes
Do you want to get married? yes


A daydreamer? yes
Talkative? yes
Energetic? sometimes
Happy? yes
Depressed? no
Caring? yes
Trustworthy? yes
Confident? no
Friendly? yes
Sarcastic? yes
Dependable? yes
Adaptable? no
Emotionally strong? depends
Religious? no
Indecisive? sometimes
Outgoing? nope
Nosy? yes
Lazy? yes
Artistic? yes
Thoughtful? idk
Considerate? yes
Romantic? idk
Obsessive? yes
Sincere? yes

"I Want It That Way" (1998) →→ "Walks Like Rihanna" (2013)

and jay’s voice in heartbreak story ………………….

word of mouth is the best album i’ve ever heard tbh